Happy 1 Year "My Kind of Party"!

I honestly can not believe it’s been ONE YEAR since I released my EP “My Kind of Party”! Honestly, there are still so many music videos I want to make from those songs. The songs from this mini album quickly became some of my favorite ones to perform, especially “Take Me Back”. I absolutely love how funky that one gets and kind of just want to make an entire funk inspired pop album because of it. If I had to pinpoint one song though it would have to be “Clueless”. The lyric is so simple, but it completely wrapped up everything I felt at the time into one simple word. Every time the chorus hits, it just feels right. I don’t think I’ve wanted a song to be heard by as many people as possible than with “Clueless”. When it comes to playing the songs acoustically “Favorite One” is my favorite one (sorry lol) to perform stripped down. “Checklist” is easily one of my favorite music videos I’ve done and “Nothing” (the only song on the EP I didn’t write) will forever be so special to me. From the moment it was first played for me in Keith Harris’s home, I knew I wanted it to be my voice who shared the story. I have to say, even though this EP wasn’t being blasted from every car or massively known, it’s one of my favorite little pieces of pop I’ve made to date and I’m still proud of it. Even the title track “My Kind of Party” has some melodies I will always love.
Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Let me know your favorite songs from the EP!