Escape is here!

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to finally be sharing this music with you. This EP is really special to me for a few reasons. One of them being earlier this year, I went from being on a major label to going independent. Through that journey I ended up loosing a lot of songs, but some good came out of it. I was able to really take some time to step back and figure out the music I wanted to make and the message that I wanted to share. Prior to that, I didn’t really know who I wanted to be as an artist or the music I wanted to make with many opinions coming at me in different directions. That time off I really got to discover what that was and go back to my roots. Another reason ESCAPE is so special to me is because each of these songs are for you. As I wrote each song and shared my heart I could only hope that you take away something from them. Whether they make you want to dance, help you through a situation, whatever it may be, I pray the music is able to touch you in some way. Thanks for being on this journey with me over the years and hey this is just the start. 🙂

Much love always – Megan