I want to do a different kind of lyric video for my song “Courageous”. This song is really special to me because it was inspired by Meganizers. I hope each and every one of you feel inspired by this song to be your true self and realize everyone is unique and beautiful.

For the “Courageous” lyric video I wanted to put each of YOU in it. I will be editing together clips of each of you lip-singing the song. Feel free to be creative and express yourself.


Here’s what I need from you:

  1. Record a video of yourself lip-singing Courageous. It can be just a line or the entire song. Record it on a camera or your cell phone, whichever is easiest.
  2. Send the finished video file to: CourageousLyricVideo@gmail.com
  3. Must send in all videos by Wednesday, January 14th at 9am pacific time.
  4. Do not send more than 1 video per person.

I look forward to seeing the videos from you!